We greet you visitor and we are glad that you visited our site. We want to present a 3D printer here, which was created on the basis of about 9 years of experience in creating not only RepRap printers. It is based on the cartesianconcept and solves most of the structural ailments of cheap constructions with printed components. The model was our first all-metal REBEL 1, which we dusted off after those 9 years of trouble-free operation andgave it a slightly better coat using the relatively best that can be bought for reasonable money, and this "piece of art" was created from it. We didn't save much on the construction of the rides and we put it all on HIWINs, which is a relatively large cost element, but according to experience in combination with a massive and precise construction, it paid off. Thanks to the good cooling of the motors fixed to the solid aluminum construction, the speed of up to 200 mm / sat high acc can be used without any problems in the current version, which can be used maximally for travels, but even so it significantly shortens the time of structuredprints. In short, the idea was to improvewhat works to maximum reliability and accuracy with minimum demands on ongoing calibration, service and maintenance.